We visited Charlottesville, Virginia and asked students and alumni, “What makes this place so great?” We heard all about Rugby Road, Mad Bowl, the Secret Societies, and the Cavaliers®. We stood in the center of the awe inspiring Lawn and gazed in wonder at the fabulous Rotunda. We took a break at the Tavern to compile our research. The results? A game so full of UVA®, we could hardly get the lid on!

HERE’S A QUICK IDEA OF HOW TO PLAY! Choose your token, buy well known UVA® properties, collect years of credit and trade them in for diplomas. It sounds easy enough – but add academic probation, summer school, and increased tuition and it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun.

So roll the dice! Who knows! You may soon be eating pizza at Anna’s… or you may be bumming quarters to do your laundry! Are you looking for a fun way to experience the University of Virginia®? Here it is!

Product Dimensions: 20 X 10 X 1.5 IN

  • MSRP: $24.95