There's something fishy about this game! Oceanopoly is based on the beautiful, bizarre and fascinating world of the ocean.

Buy your favorite sea creatures. Raise the rent by collecting Blocks of Water and trading them in for a Big Fish!

Did you know?
  • That pufferfish can blow up like balloons, up to 3 times their normal size?
  • The tongue of a blue whale can be as large as a Volkswagen?
  • That a shark’s skin is so coarse it can be used as sandpaper?
It’s a splashing good time until you land on SWIM TO LOW TIDE... then your belly is scraping bottom for 3 turns! So grab your token and advance to SPLASH! Who knows - you may be elected Top Tuna of the Sea... or you may be bellyaching from too much seaweed salad.

Whatever happens... it’s an ocean adventure that will tickle your gills!

Product Dimensions: 15.25 X 10.5 X 2 IN

  • MSRP: $24.95